Our Hunting Guides

Meet Our Hunting Guides at Blonhaven Hunt Club

For those of you who don’t have your own dogs we offer the most professional guides’ and dogs available.

All of our guides and dogs are experienced hunters who have a true love for the sport of pheasant hunting. Whether it is your first time in the field or you’re a seasoned hunter, our guides will use their knowledge and skills of pheasant hunting to increase your shot opportunities as well as your shot success rate.

Our guides are also experienced dog trainers that are happy to share their knowledge and give tips and pointers on what you need to start your own hunting dog. We also offer professional dog training services, contact the clubhouse for details.

When you visit the clubhouse at Blonhaven you will see a few of the trophy’s our guides’ dogs have won in hunt trials over the years. Meet our Guides:


Hello my name is Brian Cherry.

My German Shorthairs are Neo and Rowdy. Neo is 3 years old and Rowdy is 2 Years Old.

I have been guiding pheasant hunts for 10 + years and really enjoy meeting new people and being a part of a young hunter’s first opportunity at shooting a pheasant.


Hello, I’m Dave Hansen

I’m one of the new guys at Blonhaven. I’ve had hunting dogs for 20+ years, guiding for the last 4.

I run Deutsch Drahthaars, their names are Franz, Lincoln and Quasi. Franz is 10 years old but still has plenty of hunt in him. Lincoln is 5 years old and is my go to dog. Quasi is 1 years old and is my up and comer.

The best part of guiding at Blonhaven is meeting new people from a diverse background and helping new hunters experience their first pheasant hunt.

I look forward to our day in the field!!!


Hello, my name is Mike Rosario.

I have been guiding at Blonhaven for four years. I have been an avid bird hunter since 2011, when I bought Jäger as a pup. As you can see from my dogs, I don’t have a favorite breed. I love pure athletic dogs! Jäger is a Drathaar, Wally is an English Setter, and Cooper, is an English Cocker.